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Elder Law & Special Needs Attorneys

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The Husband and Wife team of Jay and Emma are here for you and your family.

"From our family to yours ... We want to be YOUR elder law attorneys. We are ordinary people, providing extraordinary guidance backed by years of experience and advocacy for the vulnerable citizens in our community. We UNDERSTAND your concerns and problems."



You may have questions in these areas...

  • You’re worried about how to pay for the assisted living or nursing home bills for your spouse (or parent).
  • Your mother is forgetting your name or not eating well, and it's not safe for her to live alone. You've thought about selling her home.
  • Your loved one, who was severely disabled in an accident, is receiving a settlement that will stop all financial support from the government.
  • Your parents have asked you to help with making decisions, but they have no legal documents giving you any authority.
  • You strongly suspect that a friend of your father's is stealing his money.
  • You and your spouse have not done any estate planning, and you need the 4 core legal documents.
  • Your father passed away and there were assets titled in only his name.
  • You want to leave an inheritance to your grandchild, but he's disabled.

We understand your problems and we want to help you and your family.


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The Board of County Commissioners, in a unanimous vote on September 21, 2011, took measures to protect veterans and their spouses which the U.S. Congress has failed to do as yet. See the ABC News story below.




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In the State of Florida, if you die without a will, the State of Florida will write one for you. Don't let the State of Florida choose your beneficiaries. With a will, you can choose who handles your affairs and upon your death, the affairs of your estate will move more quickly.

If there are minor survivors or survivors with special needs, a will can create trust provisions for them. Without a will, the courts will appoint one. In this case, the guardian would have to obtain court approval to deal with any and all expenditures that may arise on behalf of the minor. With a will, the concerns of an immature young adult handling an inheritance. The Law Office of Emma Hemness can create a trust in your will that allows you to dictate how and when an inheritance will be received.

A will gives you peace of mind, allows you to make gifts to a charity, and can protect your children's inheritance from future legal issues that could arise in their lives. A properly drafted will can also help protect government benefits of your beneficiary and preserve Medicaid benefits. Your will can help provide for your surviving spouse and they won't have to give "everything" to the nursing home.

The Law Office of Emma Hemness specializes in helping adults and seniors create a plan and prepares the legal documents that protect your estate (you and your family) in the event of a serious illness, a disaster, or death.


Emma is an Elder Law Attorney serving Tampa and Brandon. She helps clients with:

• Last will and testament • Avoiding probate
• Affordable will • Avoiding worry
• Probate • Avoiding death taxes
• Nursing home eligibility • Avoiding estate taxes
• Nursing home qualification • Frozen accounts
• Qualified income trust • Probate court
• Asset protection • Contested wills
• Revocable trust • Homestead
• Living trust  
• Durable power of attorney  
• Veteran's benefits  
• Planning for Medicaid  


Board Certified Expert Elder Law         National Academy of ElderLaw Member       Special Needs Alliance







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